About me

Hi ! My name is Elésiane Huve. I usually go by the nickname Aliciane, and I'm a freelance illustrator.

I am a French digital painter who loves creating realistic, highly-detailed, fantastic and historical illustrations for all ages. I can create custom artworks for your book, your game, or just make a painting for your personal use. I also like answering questions about my tools, my process or talking about art in general.

Just send me an email at aliciane.art@gmail.com. I'm looking forward to talking with you :)



Before being an illustrator, I have studied fundamental maths and physics in an engineering school. I took part in an exchange program with a Japanese university, thanks to a merit-based scholarship I was awarded. I lived two years in Yokohama and graduated with a master's degree from each school. In the meantime, I was reading, learning and practicing by my own everything I could about digital painting and concept art.

Although I enjoyed what I was learning at school, I realized that the job I was studying for was not the one I wanted to have. Therefore, I chose to work as a freelance illustrator after I graduated.

I now work remotely from my studio, in Austin TX, where I live with my husband. When I'm not painting, I enjoy taking long walks in nature where I take photos of everything and anything, just in case it might be useful for a future painting. I love cooking, and especially testing new recipes and weird ingredients (I think Japan might be responsible for that). I also like learning foreign languages, am trying to play the piano and love playing board or video games with friends and family.


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